The Grief of Change

  I’ve never done well with big changes. It makes me very anxious and I’m never comfortable with how long it takes me to get used to things. This change, though it was the biggest of my life, I was ready and excited for. I was 9 months pregnant with our beautiful baby girl, she […]

Leave The Mess, Say Yes

I believe that part of being a good parent is ending every day reflecting on, sometimes even questioning your motives; “What could I have done differently?” “Was I my best me today?” “Did I teach my child enough? Give them enough? Was I enough?” “What can I do differently tomorrow?” I also wonder how many […]

A New-found Love

  Just over a year ago on June 22nd, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful daughter, Porter, into the world. A lot of people say that when your children are born, you realize you didn’t know what love was before then. I never thought that could be true because I knew love long before […]

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