Can I Be Blunt?

Can I be blunt? My cup doesn’t have room for your neighbor. I heard this quote the other day by Brene Brown that I haven’t gotten out of my head: “I don’t come in here and say, hey I know what’s going on with John – blah, blah, blah. Because when we do that, I […]

Love & War

I’m slowly writing a memoir. One choppy, jumpy, heartfelt chapter at a time, (what describes me better than racing, incomplete sentence thoughts?) months in between, so as not to force inspiration that’ll eventually turn into burnout and resentment, I’m doing it. For a long time, I convinced myself I couldn’t. More than a handful of […]

The Elephant in the Room

Most of my twenties, primarily the latter half, have been all about mental fortitude. What emotions do I want to tame and what do I want to feed? What do I need to be more quiet, what can I give power to, to be more loud? They’re simple to pinpoint. The work put into HOW […]

Good Gasoline

To put the last few years simply (which have been anything but), the latter part of my twenties have been about healing and finding inner peace. Recently I’ve learned something that’s been extremely helpful, and frankly, very empowering. This analogy, this imagery, is something I see in my mind every day now. I actually close […]

Wildly Free

100 acres. 100 acres of pure, indefinable heaven. All of my teenage years were spent migrating away from there, reaching desperately for freedom, for somewhere bigger and faster and more. “I have to show everyone! I have to be the person who picked her life up and started brand new, somewhere, ANYWHERE that isn’t here.” […]


“Hoop-dee-doo, hoop-dee-doo!” Everyone in the restaurant was swinging their napkins around, laughing at the horribly cheesy jokes told by the comedians at the dinner show. It was only appropriate to be there with my Grandpa, given his love for clever, quick-witted, especially cheesy jokes. We were in Disney World, far from our first visit. Every […]

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