Welcome to my blog! My name is Ginny! I’m a 24 year old average-joe Mom to a beautiful one year old baby girl, Porter, and a devoted wife to my amazing husband, Kurt. I graduated from Radford University in 2015 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance! Other than growing up with two parents who had background in nutrition, I haven’t studied it much rather than reading here and there beyond what I was taught; I just know what healthy habits I’ve found that work for me and my lifestyle!

I was blessed to have had my dream birth; a completely unmedicated, natural birth; but after I had Porter, I found myself where every new Mom does:
Okay… what now?
I feel massive beyond massive.
How do I begin to lose the baby weight?
How do I live on no sleep?
Is coffee a food group? Can it be?
Will my boobs hurt this badly forever?
What in God’s name is my body doing?
What in God’s name am I doing?
How do I Mom?
Is this postpartum depression?
Is this even considered a belly button anymore?

Pre-baby, I looked a lot to blogs and vlogs to help calm my nerves about the unknown, what all was to come.

Post-baby, I continued to look up whatever I was going through in that moment, and it helped me so much to read the raw, unfiltered, non-judgemental truth from other Moms. Friends, family, strangers, anyone! It just calmed me to hear that other people had gone through what I was going through.

So that’s why I’m here! While I in NO way at all have Motherhood figured out (does anyone?), if anything that I’ve found works for me can work for or help someone else, then I want to do that!

Whether it be nutrition, wellness, things we’ve used that we love, or a really tough or really beautiful day of being a Mom.. I just want to share it. Welcome to our little ways and simple days!

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